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A Little About Me

 My name is Ronald Doyle Jr. Thats right, there is an older version of me. I was born into a fishing family. My dad supported us with money made from fishing. He was a commercial fisherman, and owned a 42 ft shrimp boat. As a young child I spent all of my free time on that boat. I hated it at the time,but little did I know I would grow to love it. I would give almost anything to do it all over.

 I guess with all the time I spent on the water it was no surprise I would be hooked. I loved the thought of being the provider for my family. Fishing is not like any other job, it's a job I take great pride in. The more you love what you do the better off you will be doing it. Which is why I find myself getting better and better every day.

  I like to tell people that I am the richest person in the world. Certainly not because of my money, but money is not everything. I wake up early in the mornings looking forward to go to work, wondering who I might meet today. I have a family that is absolutely in love with me and is fully supportive of everything I do. That is HUGE! Without them I would for sure not be where I am today.

  I fish even when I'm not working, studying is what I call it. My wife just laughs when I tell her I'm going to study. I have to stay on the fish to better serve you. My business is based on the percentage of return customers, so it is most important to me that I make sure my customers are satisfied. This is not a huge business with co-owners and multiple employees. Another Fish Charters is me and my wife. Thats it!

 With a business as small as this I can't afford to have mishaps that may cause my customers not to return. There is a time and place for everything, and I am a pretty good judge of that time and place. I act very professional, there will be no need for apologies around your small child, because I have one of my own. They repeat EVERYTHING! I have plenty of experience with small kids and boats. I have a 3 year old son, a niece just a couple weeks older, and a nephew around the age of 4. And it seems like all my friends have a child under five!

Rather it be your four year old son, your aggravating brother-in-law, or that new puppy your son just had to bring, we are prepared for it all. This is a private boat so don't be nervous about having your wife or child in the middle of the water with a boat load of people you have never met. We keep the groups as small as possible to better serve you. The smaller the group the more I can work one on one with my customers.