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     We provide a wide range of services that will enhance the value, appeal and quality of your inshore fishing experience. From night fishing to flounder gigging, bowfishing to flats fishing, we got it covered. Customer satisfaction is our goal. We are committed to getting the job done right…every time.

Services provided include:

  • Night Fishing
  • Bull Red fishing on Dixie Bar
  • Flounder gigging
  • Shrimping tours
  • Private dolphin tour
  • Sunset photo opp
  • Scenic tour
  • 3,4, and 6hr trips available
  • Call us today to book your trip! 251-979-4897

 Night time fishing is a great way to pass the time and really enjoy doing so. After the sun falls and the lights kick on at the end of the docks, our participants are positioning theirselves for what they think will be their best opportunity to snatch some grub.

 Understanding the food chain is the basis for anybody who wants to call themselves a fisherman. After the sun sets, bait fish will gather in large numbers under these lights. And where there are little fish there are sure to be bigger fish feeding on those smaller ones.

 Fishing these lights can produce big numbers, big fish, and non stop action. Anything from trout to flounder, skipjack to bluefish. A live bait and a tiny lead is a sure way to get a bite. Don't have any live shrimp? Not a problem, small minnows will work. If all else fails, stop by a light that you don't plan on fishing and make a throw with your cast net. That is a sure fire way to know the bait you have is the same bait the fish are eating.

 But this night time fishing is also a great time to introduce yourself into the world of artificials. Just take a look under the light and try and match the size shape and color as close as possible. One lure that I have found to be an absolute show stopper under these lights is a Yozuri Pinns Minnow. Its like this little minnow was disrespectful to the trouts mom at one time, and the trout has not forgot! They simply can not stand the site of one of these things!

 If you're not a hard plastics kind of guy, thats ok. The wonderful people from Berkley have came up with a winner in my eyes, the Berkley Gulp. There are numerous ways of rigging this thing, but my favorite is the most basic. Attach line to quarter ounce jighead, or maybe next size up, put on the gulp and let it dig! Cast it out past the outside edge of the light, let it fall to the bottom, and slowly jig back. Flounder love it! If you want to broaden your horizons with this thing just jig it a little higher up in the water column and let it fall all the way to the bottom. This way your are presenting the bait to a larger number of fish.