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Live Bait

 I find it highly rewarding to go out and catch my own bait. Whether its getting up at 4:30 to go drag the net, or taking my customers to catch some bull minnows, it's as much fun and excitement if not more than the fishing! We laugh and joke about the fate of every little fish lying there. I think it makes the anticipation level shoot through the roof.

 No matter if you are going to buy it, or catch it yourself if you want a productive day inshore fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama, you want some live bait. When thinking of where to catch your bait or what to catch, keep your fishing plan open to suggestions. Look at what you are catching in certain areas at certain times and this will give you a little better idea whats going on. Something I used to do growing up is on all the fish I cleaned I would check inside their belly. That silly little doing back then has probably taught me more about fishing than anything.

 When using live bait keep in mind where you are and whats around. If you see a bunch of elwives flipping about, catch a handful of those and give them a try. If there are small minnows such as red minnows or small glass minnows, its probably best to try and match those to an artificial. They don't live well on a hook.

 When dragging the net, its kind of like pulling up a bag full of presents. The contents of that net will show a whole story of whats going on down there. I mainly look for shrimp and croakers, but if some big white shrimp or a delicious soft shell crab gets in there, well thats just all the better.

 For my inshore fishing trips I usually will accout for about two dozen baits per person for a four hour trip. But if I am catching them pretty steady, and I've got the time, I will catch some to bring back and put in the pin. Orange Beach, Alabama has plenty to offer. Inshore fishing is just one of them. Outdoor activities is a must for any family on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama.