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Bull Redfish

 Bull redfish are a favorite here in Orange Beach, Alabama. Though the bull redfish can be caught all year long, the winter months provide the most exciting action. On calm days you can find the redfish in large schools feeding on top of the water. It's like watching the entire food chain in action right in front of your eyes.

 It starts with the redfish, they will push a bait ball to the surface, this traps the bait between the redfish and the surface, leaving the bait with nowhere to go. Then the birds find the bait, and they start diving into the whole ball of fish. Eating the bait the redfish has trapped on the surface. Then the sharks and the dolphins come, the sharks eating both redfish and bait, and the dolphins eating mostly the bait. Great family entertainment!

 During the rest of the year, the mouth of Mobile Bay is where to be. At certain times of the day, these redfish travel to the pass to start feeding. Eating on all the bait getting flushed out of the bay. These fish can be caught trolling or drifting baits. I like to drift bait for these redfish, simply because I only use 12lb line to catch these 30lb fish. No other guide even attempts this! If you want to catch bull redfish on light tackle, you have come to the right place. It's what I specialize in.